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Dybuster celebrates its 10th birthday!

For a decade, we have been pursuing our vision of freeing children from learning disabilities and making education as accessible as possible.
What we have achieved, what are we proud of & what are our plans.

Experience Dybuster
Experience Dybuster

We are Honored!

Proven Learning Success

Scientific studies show a 35% success rate after only 3 months.

Proven Learning Success

Independent studies show that after 3 months of training children with dyslexia make 35% less mistakes and children with dyscalculia solve 32% more tasks correctly.

Trust of our Users

Over 100,000 users trust Dybuster.

Trust of our Users

More than 100,000 children train with Dybuster software. Dybuster received various awards, which further highlights the innovative power of the programs.

Part of the School System

Dybuster is used in over 600 schools.

Part of the School System

We are proud that Dybuster is an integral part of the school day at more than 600 schools.

Thank you for your trust!

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The Future is in Our Hands

We know that the interaction with the learner is the basis for the learner’s succession. We support them by focusing on our strengths and their ongoing development.

School and
at Home

Short learning units of 20 minutes encourage children in a playful way.

Children can use the software independently; the computer monitors their progress and systematically guides them to their goal.

Automatically Test Your Knowledge

The “Dybuster Coach” control program shows the detailed learning process.

Progress and error behaviours are presented to the teachers controlling the software.

Individual Learning

The user-adaption of the learning software provides an individual program with personally tailored learning contents for each user. This ensures the greatest possible outcome.


Dybuster Calcularis provides a secure knowledge foundation for mathematics. The learning software is suitable for use at home and at school.

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Dybuster Orthograph lays the knowledge foundation for the handling of letters. The learning software is suitable for use at home and at school.

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Our Users on Dybuster

““After a short use, it became clear; that Dybuster’s programs are more than just playful learning. It adapts to the child’s learning status and promotes independence.“
T. Niggli, Psychologist and School Psychotherapist - Schule Maur
““Dybuster is original, efficient and is liked by the students. The teachers only need to put little effort in it, but the output is extraordinary!”
M. Sidler, Headmaster - Schulfabrik Wetzikon
““Children who enjoyed learning with Dybuster Orthograph became 30-35% better in terms of spelling.”
Prof. Lutz Jäncke, Neuropsychologist - University of Zürich
“Dybuster has given us a lot, in a short time. The awareness for each individual letter was increased enormously. Simon reads much more and much makes less mistakes. Many Thanks!”
A. Aeppli , Mother

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